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Lactic acid solution, 1x1 Liter

CAS# 50-21-5

Grade: Not Specified

SKU: ChemD-95-128050-1L-1x1-Liter-50-21-5

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1x1 Liter
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Plastic Bottle
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1.2 at 68 °F (USCG, 1999)
Appearance & Physical State
Melting Point
16.8 °C
Boiling Point
122 °C at 1.50E+01 mm Hg
Freezing Point
16.8 °C
Molecular Weight
90.08 g/mol
Flash Point
113 °C (235 °F) - closed cup
pH value

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Country of Manufacture
Refractive Index
Index of refraction 1.4392 at 20 °C
Exact/Molecular Mass
90.031694049 g/mol
Molar mass
Water Content
Acid Content
The pH of a 10 wt% aqueous solution of lactic acid is 1.75
Viscosities of aqueous lactic acid at 25 °C: 1.042 mPa s (6.29 wt%), 1.752 mPa s (25.02 wt%), 4.68 mPa s (54.94 wt%), 36.9 mPa s (88.60 wt%)
Cloud Point
Specific heat of liquid
Thermo Stability
Oxygen Stability
Water Stability
Vapor Pressure
Assay (Gas chromatography)
Molecular formula
1000000 mg/L
Max Handling Temp
Recommended Dosage

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Lactic acid solution, 1x1 Liter is for sale online through a direct partnership between ChemDirect and Beantown Chemical Corporation. Beantown Chemical Corporation currently sells over 16954 chemicals. Lactic acid solution, 1x1 Liter is also referred to as 2-hydroxypropanoic acid, dl-lactic acid, 2-hydroxypropionic acid, polylactic acid, milk acid, lactate, ethylidenelactic acid, propanoic acid\\, 2-hydroxy-, lactovagan, tonsillosan and acidum lacticum.

This chemical is sold in 1x500 Milliliter, and 1x1 Liter quantities.

Lactic acid solution, 1x1 Liter has the molecular formula C3H6O3, and its chemical weight is 90.08 g/mol. The CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Registry Number is 50-21-5. The product grade is Not Specified, and the percent purity is Not Specified.

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