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Water HPLC Grade - 4 x 4L Amber Glass Bottles (16L Total)

CAS# 7732-18-5

Grade: HPLC

SKU: ChemD-97-WS2211-001-4x4-Liter-7732-18-5

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Water is a clear, odorless, UV transparent, protic solvent used in many chemistry applications and is critical to living creatures. Used most commonly as a solvent, analytical medium, reactant and cooling media for reactions.
4x4 Liter
Container Type
Amber Glass Bottle
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Appearance & Physical State
Clear, colorless liquid.
Melting Point
Boiling Point
100° C @ 760 mm Hg
Freezing Point
0° C @ 760 mm Hg
Molecular Weight
Flash Point
pH value

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Country of Manufacture
Refractive Index
Exact/Molecular Mass
Molar mass
Conductive; Conductivity = 4.3x10^6 pS/m; Dielectric Constant = 80.4; Relaxation Time Constant = 1.7x10^-4 seconds
Water Content
Acid Content
1 cP 20° C
Cloud Point
Specific heat of liquid
Thermo Stability
Oxygen Stability
Water Stability
Vapor Pressure
17.5 mm Hg @ 20° C.
Assay (Gas chromatography)
Molecular formula
Max Handling Temp
Recommended Dosage

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Water HPLC Grade - 4 x 4L Amber Glass Bottles (16L Total) is for sale online through a direct partnership between ChemDirect and Tedia. Tedia currently sells over 100 chemicals. Water HPLC Grade - 4 x 4L Amber Glass Bottles (16L Total) is also referred to as dihydrogen oxide, distilled water, purified water, water vapor, sterile water, water\\, purified, water\\, deionized, oxygen atom, water\\, mineral, dihydrogen monoxide, aqua and Water HPLC 4x4L Case.

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This chemical is sold in 4x4 Liter, and 1x4 Liter quantities.

Water HPLC Grade - 4 x 4L Amber Glass Bottles (16L Total) has the molecular formula H2O, and its chemical weight is 18.02. The CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Registry Number is 7732-18-5. The product grade is HPLC, and the percent purity is 99.90%.

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Tedia Tedia is a customer-driven company that excels in providing high-purity solvents globally for life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial applications.
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