Envirocleanse-A 4x1gal Case


Envirocleanse-A 4x1gal Case

CAS# 7790-92-3;

SKU : ChemD-182-37400A-7790-92-3

Package : 1

MORE INFOEnvirocleanse-A 4x1gal Case


Description :

Envirocleanse-A is a broad spectrum disinfectant liquid that is organic, biodegradable and safe for use on all hard surfaces. The main ingredient in Envirocleanse-A is hypochlorous acid which is what your white blood cells make to fight infections in your body. Envirocleanse-A does not pose heath hazards for users when applying it and requires no personal protective equipment.

Product Information:

Unit of Measurement : gal

Chem Formula : HOCl

Purity : NA

Emergency Response Contact : Chemtrec

Emergency Response Phone Number : 1-800-424-9300

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